eduard escoffet voices on paper / stimmen auf papier.

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listen to the soundpoem by lemaître that you can download on this page and create a score. imagine the soundpoem does not already exist, and the speaker/soundpoet has to know how to recite/perform it, solely by the use of your self-produced score!

think of the score as a piece of art in itself. try to find a way to bypass syntactic problems, also considering using i.p.a. (international phonetic alphabet). the score should be as close to the audio-recording as possible. (please note that the class "european loveletter" also deals with the i.p.a.)

take a look at and listen to the example below!

to send your score please go to participation!

go to 'lecture' for further help and thoughts on sound poetry scores!

poem (material for the exercise):

"letra rock" by maurice lamaître, 1957. 2´01 (download)


"flux-de-bouche" by jaap blonk, 1992. 3´06. taken with kind permission from "flux-de-bouche" (CD, staalplat, 1993).

"audio by jaap blonk" (download)

view score by jaap blonk


literature on sound poetry

richard kostelanetz "text-sound texts" (new york, 1980) (english)

philadelpho menezes (ed.) "poesia sonora (poéticas experimentáis da voz no século xx)" (sao paulo, 1992) (brazilian)
henri chopin "le corpsis & co" (nepless, milano, 1996) (cd+booklet in french, italian and english)